Finished Studies which could also be ordered in an actualized version

Studies in planning see under News.

Study Piping Systems (PS) World Market, Metal / Plastic in D and E

Studie Pharma, Biotechnik, Halbleiter

Studie 2/2 Wege Magnetventile vorgesteuert

Studie Kunststoff-Rohrkomponenten, Vermarktung, Hauptabnehmer in Deutschland

Study PP-R piping systems, Building Technology, in D / E, World Market

Study PE ball valves for the Gas and Water distribution in D and E, World Market

Study Plastic Pressure-Piping-Products (PPPP) World Market in D / E

Study 162 productgroups, Metal / Plastic Pressure-Piping-Products (PPPP), World / German market

Studies Valves, World Market Butterfly-, Ball-, Diaphragm-, Safety-Valves in E, 3/2 and 5/2 Solenoid Valves in D

Study Chemical Waste Drainage in E / D

Study Solenoid and Process Valves World Market - Substitution with Coax valves